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ReachX is a FCA regulated platform that offers institutional investors and corporate clients access to investment banking services by leveraging its curated network of senior independent financial services advisors.

Our experts are former equity and credit research analysts, portfolio managers, investment bankers, corporate finance specialists, investor relations. We select them individually and do not charge them to be on our platform.

Our mission is to offer the most bespoke and cost-efficient services to corporates and investors with the best independent talent, data and insights, Our clients are private equity firms, hedge funds, credit funds, wealth managers, family offices and corporates.

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Some figures

2017 Creation of ReachX
600 Independent Advisors
50 Active Clients
150 million euros of private transactions available on the ReachX Deal Origination Platform



Rafael Samuel Lajeunesse

Co-founder & CEO

Olivier Beau de Loménie

Co-founder & CTO


Chief Commercial Officer

A word
of the founders

Our vision is to become the Leading European regulated platform offering investment banking services through a curated network of independent finance professionals.

We chose the Dauphine incubator to be connected to a strong university with lots of alumni and students with a strong foundation. We also wanted to create a tie with France and the French market and having access to the two locations in London and Paris is helpful to attract talent and clients.

Rafael, co-founder of ReachX

A bit of

After a long career in investment banking, management consulting and asset management, Rafael identified in the mid 2010s the emergence of both an offer and a demand that was not served by a marketplace. On one hand, more and more senior professionals were leaving their traditional finance jobs (advisory, research, structuring, origination, CFO) and on the other hand, potential customers (both institutional investors and corporates) were seeking specialised and independent advice.

In 2017, Rafael (CEO) and Olivier (CTO) co-founded ReachX. In mid-2018 they invited Matthieu (CCO) to join them as Shareholder and Director.

In 2020, ReachX offers two main services: financial advisory and a deal origination platform of proprietary mid market transactions (debt, equity and M&A deals between €5 and €250mio), and serves over 40 leading private equity, private credit, infrastructure and real estate asset managers, wealth managers and family offices as well as over 10 corporate clients (from a Series B startup to a Top 20 global company).