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YAYZY is a fintech platform that makes it easy to live a sustainable lifestyle. YAYZY created revolutionary technology to automatically estimate an individual’s carbon footprint based on their payments data. The YAYZY app integrates with your bank account to calculate your bespoke carbon footprint, and helps you understand, reduce, and offset it effortlessly.

For businesses, YAYZY provides carbon footprint calculation and carbon offsetting functionality as a plug and play Application Programming Interface (API). Banks and fintech’s would be able to show their customers’ carbon footprint and a give them a means to offset it.

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Some figures

2019 Launch year
31 % of Europe’s population target market
10 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals advancement
30 % week-on-week growth



Mankaran Ahluwalia

Co-founder & CEO

Pedro Cabrero

Co-founder & CFO

Cristian Dan

Co-founder & CTO

A word
of the founders

Money touches everything. By helping you control where your money goes through your spending and investments you can help curb unsustainable practices and unluck positive impact. Having better information is the first step to creating a big impact. We’ve built technology that let you know your carbon footprint and effortlessly act against climate change. So when each of us is better informed, we can collectively steer towards a carbon neutral planet.

We joined the Dauphine London Incubator to access a network that can help us cement our B2B offering with fintechs and banks by tapping into UK & France finance community and that can help expand our offering to continental Europe. Finaly Dauphine is aligned with our mission to create a climate positive future.

Mankaran, Pedro & Cristian, co-founders of YAYZY

A bit of

Mankaran, Cris and Pedro created YAYZY during a business accelerator program in London. YAYZY was born in the Summer 2019 as a result of deep exploration to resolve the climate change crisis using the latest financial and information technologies.

YAYZY was incorporated in October 2019 and in few months we have raised pre-seed round, launched a beta version of the App, experiencing 30% organic week on week customer growth, received interest from  multiple high banks and fintechs to use our technology received an acquisition indication and won the UK Aim 2020 competition.